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Welcome to the 'new-look' gtkmail website, if you want to make any suggestions about the design, or content of this site, please contact me, the webmaster, or, if you want to know about gtkmail, please contact Joe Yandle, the lead developer.

If you want to get involved with the project, please contact Joe Yandle, the lead developer, all help is welcomed

gtkmail is a GUI email client for X, written in C++ using the gtkmm widget set. The projet began in early 1999; it arose from my love/hatred of PINE, which I'd been using since 1992. It has gone through 3 major rewrites, and has been my primary email client now for over a year. Gotta eat that dogfood...

gtkmail supports local (mbox) and remote (s/imap) mailboxes. It also supports PGP using gnupg. Mail fetching (pop) is a little shaky right now (1.1.0), but it should be fixed soon. Here are the REAME and INSTALL docs.

If you'd like to make a bug report, sign up for the mailing list, etc, go to the sourceforge project page.

Joe Yandle [lead developer]
Francis Tyers [webmaster]

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